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GM’s partnership with HSBC isn’t creditworthy.


HSBC Card Correspondence
1441 Schilling Place
Salinas, CA 93912

TS (initials only displayed here; I am in possession of full names, called out in emails)

HSBC allows customers to sign up for their affiliate-branded GM Credit Card and email notifications, without confirming via an email loop that the customer has accurately provided, and/or the HSBC Inn CSR has accurately acquired, the customer’s proper and true email address.

Towards the beginning of 2009, I started receiving email from HSBC, meant for their customer, TS. It appears that he used my email address as his sign up address, and HSBC doesn’t employ a confirmation loop, TS, who is a GM Card cardholder, is not getting these messages. He’s also not getting his payment messages, his “great offer” messages and more. I am.

I happen to be a member of one of HSBC’s other affiliate card programs, so when I called (see REHAB ATTEMPT below), they wanted my information to add to their case notes. I purposely refused to give them that as I didn’t want them to “accidentally” screw up MY file. They don’t need it anyway, but nothing has changed.

Note that the actual customer’s full name and the last four digits of their account number is included in the email.


No. You can update your “email preferences” if you sign in, but as I am not the intended recipient, I don’t have the customer’s login information. HSBC requires personal information to have the login information sent to the customer, so I was not able gain access to the account to disable it.

NO [click for explanation]

I’ve called several time to try to rectify this situation, all to no avail. In each case, I’ve been unsuccessful in getting an HSBC CSR to understand the intricacies of the situation.

No change

As you read this, I have received no response at all from anyone at HSBC.

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